What To Expect – Understanding The Dental Implant Placement Timeline

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At a minimum, getting a single-tooth dental implant takes at least 6-7 months, and it may take longer in some cases. What happens during this time? Why does it take so long? Find out in this blog from Bear Valley Dental Care! 

Initial Consultation

To begin the process, Dr. Sampat will need to see you at Bear Valley Dental Care to perform a comprehensive oral exam, and determine if dental implants are right for you. He will also discuss the treatment in detail and help you understand other available treatments like dentures and dental bridges. 

Preparatory Appointments (If Needed)

If you’re approved for dental implants, you may need one or more preparatory surgeries, such as tooth extractions, alveoloplasty (ridge smoothing) to smooth out your jaw bone, or even a bone graft to strengthen your jaw bone. This will add more time and cost to the process. Dr. Sampat will discuss the details with you if you need these treatments. 

Implant Placement Surgery

At your next appointment, Dr. Sampat will use an advanced surgical plan to place a small titanium rod directly into your gums and jaw bone. He will clean and numb the area, create an opening for the implant, and then place it and secure it according to your treatment plan. Then, you’ll be sent home to rest and recover. The process is fast and the surgery is pain-free. 

Initial Healing & Osseointegration

It will take about 1-2 weeks to completely heal from your initial surgery. But even after your mouth feels normal, you’ll need to wait about 3-6 months to finish your implant. That’s because the jaw bone needs to “osseointegrate” with the titanium implant. 

In this process, the bone grows around the implant and locks it in place permanently. Essentially, the implant becomes a natural part of your jaw. 

Followups & Designing The Restoration

You will come into Bear Valley Dental Care a few times throughout the recovery process so that Dr. Sampat can check your progress. He will also take impressions and images of your mouth to begin designing your implant restoration. For a single-tooth implant, a porcelain dental crown will be made. 

Abutment Placement

A few weeks before your last appointment, a small metal attachment may need to be placed onto your implant. This connects the implant to the crown. This is not necessary if the abutment was already placed as part of your dental implant surgery. 

Final Implant Restoration

At your final appointment, Dr. Sampat will check the fit of your dental crown to make sure it’s perfect. If everything looks good, he will attach it to the dental implant permanently. This restores your tooth and completes the dental implant placement process. 

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Dr. Sampat is an experienced implant dentist and is always here to help you get the expert dental care you need. To explore the possibilities offered by dental implants in Boyertown, just contact us online to get an appointment and see if dental implants are right for you.

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