Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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Bringing your son or daughter to the dentist for the first time is an exciting milestone. As a parent, you might even feel a little nervous about how your child will react to the process. Not to worry, our Boyertown, PA family dental team is here to make the experience a positive one.

What to Expect

The early experiences of dental care should be enjoyable ones. We want to create a relationship with your child where they feel comfortable and confident having their teeth cared for. That’s why we suggest following the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations of scheduling the first checkup by age one.

Through early screenings and education, it’s possible to help your child avoid unwanted dental pain or unnecessary toothaches that could have otherwise been intercepted and avoided. A great impression at an early age can transform your child’s outlook on dental care once they’re an adult.

We Work at Your Child’s Pace

Usually, the first visit is to screen for any atypical anatomy and educate parents on proper dental health practices. As your child gets older, we’ll brush or polish their teeth, and maybe even take a couple of pictures (x-rays.) The more closely we’re able to follow their oral development, the easier it is to bypass unwanted tooth decay or painful experiences later on.

How to Prepare Your Child

Always use positive language with your child. Never say words like “hurt”, even if you’re saying something won’t be uncomfortable. Just talk about how fun the visit will be, how the chair goes up and down, and any exciting rewards that you might have planned for afterward!

At Bear Valley Dental Care, we know you want the very best for your family; that’s why we treat you like you’re part of our own! Call our Boyertown, PA office today to schedule your child’s first appointment.

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